Raleigh and Cary, along with other Triangle communities are growing at a fast pace, along the demand for outdoor living spaces that fit peoples lifestyles. Patios built with either natural or man-made materials is 60% of our hardscaping business at Renz landscapes. Most of the patio products Renz Landscapes installs come from the Belgard Company, Newline Hardscapes, and from Techo-Bloc, a higher end product based in Canada. The patio pavers and block from these companies is all top notch an allows for a custom look to any hanrdscaping project.

Landscape walls, steps, fire pits, fireplaces and walkways comprise 40% of our other hardscaping projects. In some cases, decks are a better choice when your backdoors entrances are elevated or perhaps when you want a raised deck to better view your landscape.

With over 40 years experience and a design background, Renz Landscapes takes pride in building well constructed paver patios. Designing a patio that is sized to your lifestyle and home is the first consideration along with drainage considerations. Creating a patio that is visually appealing, and works with the other elements in the landscape is not an easy task. Planting design, certainly one of our strengths, along with outdoor lighting, can enhance and soften the hardscaping…. final touch to creating an outdoor space your family can enjoy.

And don’t ever forget the plantings and perhaps a splash of water to soften up all the hardness of the hardscaping. This ability to create pleasing interplay of hardscaping structure and colorful plantings is what separates the professionals from the landscapers who offer free, so called design.

Read our projects page for a detailed review of patios projects in Raleigh, Cary and the Peston neighborhood.