Low Voltage, Outdoor, and Landscape Lighting for Cary and Raleigh, NC

Try to picture your home and landscape professionally lit for the evening when you come home from a hard day’s work or a week out of town on vacation with the family. “I earned that” you might say to yourself after work or perhaps “Home Sweet Home” the wife might remark a week at the beach. Or perhaps a guest is coming for a visit; what a great way to say “Welcome”.

If you’re going to Iight the front of your home, you might as well light the backyard. Outdoor low voltage lighting is safe to the touch, so wires need only be laid below the mulch or buried 6” below the lawn surface, making systems easy to install and very affordable. In the backyard, light your entertainment areas, and bring visual appeal to your landscaping with numerous lighting techniques. With the changing seasons, plants take on a different look as leaves drop and colors change, especially in winter when the lighting can become the main attraction. There is nothing like a Sango Kaku Japanese Maple, sited carefully in your backyard, with its florescent deep pink bark being up-lit in the evening with a fresh layer of winter snow underneath.

Attractive landscape lighting requires a careful balance of several key elements, allowing your landscaped home to take on a whole new dimension of interest and excitement at sun set, not to mention added security and safety. To professional lighting specialist is adept with the latest lighting technology, fixtures choices and new LED bulbs; an also an artist who can work magic, arranging light in a tasteful manner. A lighting artist works with both light and shadow, creating balance and contrast, and adding a look of depth to the landscape. A really good lighting specialist also knows plants; understanding of the attributes and growth habits of ornamental plants for picturesque and effective long term lighting results.

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Techniques: Up-lighting, down-lighting, side-lighting, moon-lighting, front-lighting, path lighting, and washing the lights across surfaces are all methods of bringing out the best in your landscape. Even small, out of sight box lights placed under patio sitting walls, in pillars and steps can illuminate just enough light to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. Combine these techniques with the, intensity of the light, the spread or reach of the light’s beams, and the distance between fixtures, and the possibilities are endless.

Security: Statistics show that an unlit home is three times more likely to be a criminal target than a well-lit home. Use timers and photo cells that react to sunlight to control when lights are on or off.

Safety: Well-lit steps, patios, and walkways provide safety when walking in the evening, a concern as we get older. Outdoor lighting can also provide additional time in the evening for finishing your outdoor chores and activities. Lighting your driveway and home entrance also provides safety when returning home in your vehicle.

Show: Showing off your home and landscaping with a “less is more” approach, by creating light contrasting with shadows as opposed to the actual fixtures is always the goal.

Give your landscape an entirely new look, think of some outdoor lighting.

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