How Do I Find a Talented Landscape Designer?

64First of all, determine if your project warrants a design or a simple, descriptive proposal of work to be completed. Finding a talented landscape designer is important, because great ideas will always pay dividends down the road. Whether you are investing, building a business or even a house, creative, effective ideas make life better. What you want is imagination and ideas that fit your site, your needs, your time constraints, and your budget.

66Companies work hard at gaining your attention. But you have to do your homework once you may have found a few candidates. Are you going to find this person with the largest yellow page ad, testimonials, working on your street, possibly, but you still have to do your homework. Personal referrals, or seeing someone’s work, is certainly a good start. You also want someone you can trust, who listens, who can effectively communicate, and has talent and experience. Creativity and talent can shows in the artsyness of their designs, the beauty of their projects. Look for trust a company that reveals how they work. The more you know, the more educated your decision will be. Schooling and experience can certainly be pluses.

The development of a creative and effective landscape project takes quality time and communication between you and the designer. A design doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just a tool for smart decisions, effective communication, and avoids disagreements during the contracting phase. Experienced firms with a working system and proper tools are able to move quickly through this process. Be wary of companies that offer cheap designs. Their plans are usually, at best, a guess as to what the salesperson thinks they can get the client to buy, often simply a collection of plants. This is salesmanship, not design. Feeling rushed, plans can be ambiguous, resulting in problems during the installation phase.

70So, to sum things up; remember that in this phase you are buying design ideas, not necessarily an installation price, So look for a company that separates design from the contracting phase. Most ethical landscape companies will let you compare prices for their completed design, this approach gives you flexibility. It allows you to find the best designer and then compare apples to apples on the plan by searching for value, craftsmanship and price.

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