Do You Want to Be a Part of the New Landscape?

39Gone are the days of cloned landscapes our builders leave us with — poor design, large Fescue yards, wasteful irrigation and high maintenance. So grab a glass of sweet tea and I’m going to tell you the new issues we face, and the new resources that are available today.

THE NEW LANDSCAPE IS SMART: Every element in your landscape whether it is a plant, hardscaping or the voids in between, landscape elements should have a reason for their placement and the unique characteristics they processes. If possible, before your landscape gets too mature, think about the value of a smart landscape design and make some adjustments.

SCALE: Yards are becoming smaller so we need to start designing landscapes that are in scale with their environment. In other words let’s get away from “looks good today, but overgrown plants tomorrow” that our builders are dumping on us at closing. We all want instant gratification, but letting the right plant grow into its proper space is worth waiting for and allows for less pruning and expensive “remakes” down the road.

41CLONING: Unfortunately, our yards are beginning to look like clones of our neighbor’s yards with the same plants material and poor design. Our home builders are not landscape professionals and they work with a limited variety of plants. A consorted effort from the growers to the homeowner, needs to be made to introduce more suitable plants into our landscapes.

DEER RESISTANT PLANTS: If you have a problem with deer, no not dear as in your spouse, proper plants choices can begin to make your yard deer proof. There are also safe, long lasting sprays that you can apply to your more treasured plants.

43THE NEW LANDSCAPE IS DROUGHT TOLERANT: This means that plants are chosen for their ability to tolerate dry conditions, ( but please realize that any plant in its first year needs water until it roots get established in the surrounding soil).The use of drip irrigation as great way to conserve water and deep water your plant material. Adequate soil preparation allows for root development and drought tolerance. Proper mulching not only improves the soil, holds the moisture in the soil, but also keeps the roots cool and functioning better

THE NEW LANDSCAPE IS PLANT DIVERSE WITH TRIED AND TESTED PLANTS New varieties of plants are coming on the market every day. Your local garden centers are awash with untested plants that dazzle us and plant breeder are making millions in royalties and you are their trial garden. Heat, humidity and wet winter clay soils can spell death for plants that may do well in other parts of the country so let educated people help you with plant selection.

NEW HARDSCAPING MATERIALS: Gone are the days of RR ties and red brick…there are many new materials available from Belgard pavers to self contained fountains. See link possibilities for examples of hardscaping ideas.

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