Decisions Before the Contracting Phase

104You now have a landscape design or a collection of ideas, how do you secure a quality product with a price that fits your budget? (You may want to reference related subjects, such as “How to find a good landscape company”). In the design phase of your project, we may have given you prices on the installation phase of your project. If you have already chosen for us to provide you with an installation proposal there are a few things you should know. Renz Landscapes is able to provide you with discounts that are generally valid for 30 days for installing an entire project at one time.  Discounts are also available for contracts signed during slower times of the year and for projects when you allow us to begin at our discretion. Secondly, remember that plant material specified on your plan, can quickly sell out, so if you’re serious about doing something soon, you might ask us to hold the plants at the nursery with a deposit.

105Phasing the contracting work can be a great way to develop a landscape, especially a larger or more complex one. It can be an opportunity to work with your budget as funds become available, or you may want to make changes to phase two after installing and viewing phase one. Also, starting slowly is a great way to build a more trusting relationship for additional work. As the old saying goes, give us 2% of your trust and we’ll earn the other 98%. Please remember that we give discounts to for doing the entire project at one time, because we only have to set up the project once. If phasing, we generally ask for a minimum of $3000.00 per phase.


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